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Exotic Sunrise With Balloon Flights

Experience an adventurous Hot air Balloon ride.

  • Dubai

Included In Service and Service Description

*** INQUIRY ONLY *** INCLUDED: - RETURN HOTEL TRANSFERS ON SHARING BASIS. - MORNING REFRESHMENTS TEA, COFFEE, KAVA, AND DATES. - EXPERIENCE AN ADVENTUROUS HOT AIR BALLOON RIDE. - BREAKFAST INCLUDED - FLIGHT CERTIFICATE SIGNED BY THE PILOT. - TRANSFER TYPE: SHARING TRANSFERS - PICKUP TIMINGS: PICKUP WILL BE DONE FROM 03:30 AM TO 04:00 AM - DURATION APPROX: 6 HOURS ***** Service Description: Be Part of Pre-Flight Preparations: Once you arrive at the launch site and meet your expert crew, you will get the unique chance to be part of the balloon set up procedures. See up-close how the basket and burner is assembled before the giant balloon is unfurled and inflated through the activation of the high-powered burner or engine. As the balloon is now all launched, you will listen to a brief yet comprehensive safety instruction and then climb into the basket. Absorb the Magical Desert Sunrise Views: When the basket is lifted off, it lets you greet the day like never before! Watch the first rays of sun lighting up the desert and the mountains surrounding the region. It is simply an indescribable experience to take in the rich, vivid colors fading away the darkness of the desert (in detail) from the sky. You will never forget this experience of floating above the stunning desert landscape during the sunrise. Gaze at the Desert Flora and Fauna: Throughout your one hour-flight that hovers in the direction of the wind, you will be lulled by nothing but the sheer silence and tranquility that envelop the desert scenery. Along with this, you get to enjoy a privileged look at the intriguing plant and wildlife species that occupy the Arabian Desert. Spot the rare Arabian oryx, camels, and gazelles all freely wandering around safely in their natural habitat as you tranquilly fly over the infinite desert sands. Top off the Experience with More Activities & Scrumptious Breakfast: Following a peaceful aerial journey and a thrilling yet safe landing, treat yourself to a tempting gourmet breakfast complete with Middle Eastern, Asian, and Continental delicacies. You will wind up on this unbeatable adventure tour as you take home your photos with a falcon and a commemorative flight certificate signed by your pilot.

DUBALIMO Holding L.L.C-FZ The Meydan Free Zone


Grandstand, 6th floor, Meydan Road, Nad Al Sheba, Dubai, U.A.E Al Meydan Road - Dubai - United Arab Emirates

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